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Is your online presence paying you?

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E-Commerce? How Much Do You Pay Before You Get Paid?

So, you plan on starting to make money by selling online. Beware! Web Site Magazine published the findings of an interesting new study, about the hidden costs of e-commerce platforms. The study was commissioned by Demandware and carried out by Forrester Consulting, on 156 US, UK and German eCommerce, Marketing and IT technology leaders. What does it say? Well, basically…

Is Your Web Site Making You Money?

Your web site is a useless expense if it doesn’t: Sell your products/services directly through a shopping cart. Bring in new clients or keep the old ones coming back. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want your web site to be the equivalent of a stack of brochures (or business cards) forgotten in a corner, you need to…

Why the Heck Do I Need a Web Site?

The world is growing as a population, but it’s becoming smaller every day, socially. Ever heard of the “planetary village?” We’re living in it! It’s the communication age! Everybody is talking to anybody anywhere on the planet. You’re a business owner. Times are tough. What the heck would you need to care about someone at the other end of the…

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