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Plan, Set Deadlines. It Works!

Writing things down and setting deadlines are the keys to success. The beginning of the year brought us the first prospect for a serious e-Marketing project. Proudly we announce that yesterday the contract was signed and the work has been already under way since the negotiation phase. We look forward to a fulfilling partnership with our new client: Expert Subjects, LLC.

Also, an effort to congratulate ourselves for, that has to do with setting deadlines as well. Signing up with Google Apps announces itself to be a winning move. Thanks to that, eBiz Miami Inc. has now streamlined and perfectly integrated Contacts, Email and Calendar, a well developed CRM solution and a robust accounting platform, not to mention a great project management application. Try getting that with Microsoft Outlook, CRM and Windows Server for only $50.00. Another feat that would have dragged on for who knows how long, had we not have set (and respected) the mighty DEADLINE for ourselves!

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