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Web Content: What Is My Web Site Delivering?

What is my web site delivering?

If you are a small business owner and you can’t answer that question, you need urgent help. The time for “Why the heck do I need a web site?” is gone. Now is the time for “What is my web site delivering?” The answer is multiple-choice:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Information

Pretend you are your own potential customer. Read your web content. If you’re bored after two minutes, the diagnostic is in: your web site is a blah, blah, web site. Change it now! Make it so any or all of those answers will be clearly visible from the beginning.

How so? If you’re not sure, eBiz Miami will help you. No matter what your industry, technology has evolved such that you are bound to find at least one online tool to help you meet your customers’ demands online. And they might not always need the products, services or information you are selling. But your web site is a useless investment if it doesn’t do at least one of the following:

  • Make it user friendly: your web design should have two things in mind: impact and navigation. Draw people in through powerful graphics. Keep them in through powerful content. Make it easy to navigate.
  • Accept credit cards, sell directly on-line.
  • Make it interactive: allow users to leave feedback about your company and your products or services. Ask for it, encourage it, don’t wait for it.
  • Make it useful: answer your customer’s questions and complaints.
  • Announce new producs, services and promotional offers.
  • Advise your web site visitors on topics of your expertise: industry trends, technical issues, new rules and regulations etc. This establishes trust and they are more likely to buy from you.

Thorough research and countless statistics show that now, more than ever, having an online presence and conducting business on the internet is a real lifeline for small businesses. More and more businesses are growing stronger and even reach new heights of success. On one condition: to do it right! Go back through the bullet points mentioned above. Test your existing web site to see how many of them apply to it. Congratulate yourself if you found more than three. Let us help you if you didn’t.

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