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Digitizing Photos/Videos

Miami Photo Scanning and Video Digitizing since 2009

eBiz Miami, Inc. has acquired DittoBee Photo Scanning – a Miami, FL business that has been offering quality scanning and digitizing services throughout the entire US for a decade. DITTOBEE.COM will satisfy all your digitizing needs! Rekindle your family memories and share them with your loved ones on any device they own!

Aerial Photography

Photography has been an integral part of our host of services. Business portraits, landscape and real estate photography, instructional videos, product presentations and now, proudly announcing the latest trend: aerial photography. Through our Brickell Photography web site, we are now able to offer our clients drone photography services. Before you choose your next aerial photography partner, make sure they areRead the rest of this page »

No, Macs Are Not Immune!

You’ve known it for a while, and this latest bit of “horrendous news” doesn’t even have to do with the eternal “PC vs. Mac” battle: yes, Macs are also vulnerable to security breaches, albeit in a much smaller proportion than other platforms and, no, it’s not because of their smaller market share. However, this not being the point of thisRead the rest of this page »

QR Codes – Dos and Don’ts

Think You’re QR Savvy? I’m in one of my neighborhood’s new Italian places. I notice their business cards have a new design, with a QR code. “Cool”, I say to myself, “these people know what they’re doing, glad to see a small business taking advantage of something so modern. I wonder how it’s working for them.” Before asking direct questions,Read the rest of this page »

Consistently Ranking Among the First Five in Search Engine Results

We want to express our satisfaction with your services, as we are starting to see real results from your company’s efforts. The redesign of our web site, complete with the new logo, is showing a much needed and improved corporate identity for our company. Mr. Nelersa’s efforts in elevating our search engine ranking are starting to show the results weRead the rest of this page »

Success, Creativity and Communication Expertise

eBiz Miami, Inc. provides technological expertise to my law office. Sorin helped streamline our operations involving use of computers, scanners and printers, and different types of software. He also trained my employees on better use of the appointment and office software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and the like. We recently started to turn my paper archive into aRead the rest of this page »

Promotional Videos Gallery

In the spirit of boosting our own and our clients’ online marketing, here are some of our promo videos, aggregated into a video gallery thanks to the possibilities offered by Viewbix. eBiz Miami will create your promotional video customized to the specific needs of your business. Happy clients The videos showcased here are only a few examples of customized promotionalRead the rest of this page »

Promotional Video for Online Marketing Services

It’s Online Video Marketing We give you eBiz Miami’s promotional video for online marketing services. Looking around for a “different” kind of online video production platform (we’re aleady successfuly using Animoto and Spotmixer), we found just what we were looking for. We found PowToon. It is more like an online animation platform, that lets you build catchy promo videos forRead the rest of this page »

Number One in SEO for Miami

OK, a quick check on search results for the keywords that describe our company and its services, found eBiz Miami ranking FIRST in SEO results for “miami online presence” in Google search (third in Bing and Yahoo). Also, typing in “Miami internet marketing results guaranteed” (our slogan) will show eBiz Miami, Inc. as the first UNPAID search result in Google,Read the rest of this page »

Ladies First: Real Estate Agent Promotional Video

Chita Parus, Realtor

We are expanding our video services into the real estate world. We didn’t plan it like this, but as it happened, we couldn’t have hoped for a most presentable – well, why don’t we say it right: attractive, real estate agent to start using our services. Chita Parus is a most dedicated, hard working Realtor®, with Charles Rutenberg Realty brokerage.Read the rest of this page »

Internet Marketing Update: Primer Complete?

Internet Marketing Primer

Learning Internet Marketing basics: Primer: a short informative piece of writing (Mirriam Webster Dictionary). Well, informative, yes, but short? All things considered, covering as many “basic” things as possible about internet marketing is no easy task. It goes without saying you can’t cover them all. But how do you chose the most important? How do you make sense of theRead the rest of this page »

Personal Twist? Roger That! Your Passion Is Your Brand

“Thank you. Forty-six years ago on April 3, 1967, I became the film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. Some of you have read my reviews and columns and even written to me since that time. Others were introduced to my film criticism through the television show, my books, the website, the film festival, or the Ebert Club and newsletter.  HoweverRead the rest of this page »

Plan for an online presence in advance. It's only a matter of time until you will need to find customers beyond your neighborhood. eBiz Miami, Inc., was founded by a mass communications professional, with advertising work awarded by AAF (American Advertising Federation). The advantage of having started in the mass communications field allows our clients to start their online presence the right way as well, by getting the right messages to the right target audience with the most impact.
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