July, 2009

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Everybody Knows Miami. Do they know you?

This is it. eBiz Miami is officially blogging. About what? About the birth and growth of a new technologically savvy start-up business, its purpose and its role in a “hot” place like Miami. In a time of economic uncertainty, why do this? Businesses seem to appear like mushrooms after a rainy day, but dissapear quicker than you can say, well, mushroom. How to survive? How to thrive? The answer is simple: by using the most accessible and versatile machine ever invented: the Internet.

Thorough research and countless statistics show that now, more than ever, having a web presence and conducting business on the internet is a real lifeline for small businesses. More and more people are learning to harness the awesome might and reach of this “modern wonder”. Thanks to it, many businesses are growing stronger and even reach new heights of success. On one condition: to do it right! This is where ebizmiami.com comes into play.

My name is Sorin Nelersa. I am bringing to you over a decade of experience and proven success in fields such as computer and internet safety, visual communications, graphic and web design, advertising and, lately, internet marketing and branding.

This blog will follow the journey of a sound idea and a business plan, started as a one-man endeavor, that will either thrive or fall, depending on many a fortune, but especially on the willpower and determination of its creator. This is the place where my diversified skills, my creativity and experience come together to help other small businesses around Miami survive the tough times and to grow stronger for the better ones to come. This is the place where you, as a business owner, your employees, associates and business partners, will find the resources that will make you successful in the rapidly changing, technologically-driven world of today. This is where you will ask questions and find answers, learn and impart your own experience with your fellow business owners, this is where the misteries of the “information age” will be decyphered for you in simple, easy-to-understand terms, so that you can immediately start using the knowledge you acquire for  your own benefit and fullfillment.

This is where the entire world could come to your doorsteps. This is where your “local reach” will extend beyond any borders and your success will follow it. Everybody knows Miami. Do they know you? The answer is up to you.

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