September, 2009

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eBiz Miami is proud to announce its first internet co-op marketing hit: Usually you’d expect a viewer to click on a sponsored link in a newsletter. Such thing already happened: a customer of Piccola Italia Miami clicked on the “spsored link” in their weekly newsletter. The link was to eBiz Miami web site. The viewer liked what he saw, he subscribed to eBiz Miami’s newsletters as well. The result? He got a FREE PIZZA. What happened this week, was the reverse: a wonderful email that can be read here, of an initial subscriber to eBiz Miami newsletters, that became a client of Piccola Italia Miami. How cool is that??? And they say co-op marketing is obsolete!

Why the Heck Do I Need a Web Site?

The world is growing as a population, but it’s becoming smaller every day, socially. Ever heard of the “planetary village?” We’re living in it! It’s the communication age! Everybody is talking to anybody anywhere on the planet.

You’re a business owner. Times are tough. What the heck would you need to care about someone at the other end of the world for? It’s simple: you’re not the only “shop on the corner” anymore. Today, local is universal: the “corner” might just turn out to be in the next state or half way around the world.

How so? Because your own neighbor, faithful client for years, may just start firing up that “internet” on his computer to look for cheaper stuff elsewhere. And he might find it in Miami, or in Alaska. Or even in Indochina. So yes, being online and having a good web site matters, when a guy named “I Aint Painyou” can sell to your next-door neighbor, on eBay, the same stuff you would, only¬† at a third of the price, shipping included!

But don’t worry, fellow Miami business owner, we’re here to help, we’re eBiz Miami and we might just live right around the corner from you! What’s more important, we can place your business “around the corner” from anybody, Miami, Alaska or Indochina!

How so? For your next useful lecture, read our post, What is my web site delivering? You will find out how to bring success to your business through web content that matters.

What’s eBiz? Making You Money!

All about making you money. Trying to explain to a friend what eBiz means, you realize not everybody takes this buzzword as being “self-explanatory” or “intuitive”. However, the best, non-technical explanation that you can find, is “everything that helps your business make money on the internet.” Really, that’s it in a nutshell. Everything from designing a better web site, making it interactive, making it look better, to promoting it and setting up email campaigns, or using the blogs, social networks and other public forums to promote your business. This eBiz term is quite powerful when you think about it, but it helps to remember that not everybody is “prepared” for it. One more reason for people to subscribe to our newsletters, where everthing is debunked and comes explained in simple terms.

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