October, 2009

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Click-click, Smile, Pose, Get Free Pizza!

Successful “photo shoot” at a customer’s party. Piccola Italia proves that it’s not all gimmicks when it comes to valuable promotions. The first Free Catering package went out to their customer, A.J. Velasquez, who throw a big party and had the pizzas, the wings and the sodas provided for free. eBiz Miami was on location to shoot the event. Click-click, roll the “film”, in half hour everybody had what they expected: the guests had a delicious assortment of made from scratch pizzas (the kids were the happiest), Erwin from Piccola Italia had the chance to see with his own eyes a bunch of happy customers, eBiz Miami (Sorin) has a new project ready to start: the next promotional video clip for Piccola Italia. Moving on!

The happy event is recorded at the client’s web site, where you (if you’re in Miami) can subscribe to the weekly email specials in order to enjoy lots of low-down prices on many delicious items and, of course, a chance of getting the weekly FREE PIZZA!


1,500 New Customers?

Piccola Italia, increasing customer base with eBiz Miami marketing efforts

Piccola Italia, increasing customer base with eBiz Miami marketing efforts

“I looked at my database today, and I saw 1500 more customers than the last time I checked it. I have no idea where they came from, I didn’t do anything special to bring them in.” – Erwin Gonzalez, Piccola Italia Pizzeria.

Oh, but you did! Better said, we did it, together! One of the first things we show potential clients is how marketing in general can increase their bottom line and how eMarketing in particular does it so effectively. In this “first lesson” you learn that the main two ways that successful marketing operates are: 1. Direct Sales. 2. Brand Awareness. Our client was already used to seeing results from the first point. Now they are just shocked to see it work so well (measurable results!) on the second one.

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