June, 2013

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Active and Interactive: Online Video Production Just Got Easier

Gladys Karina Sandino
So, when you discover something good, pimp it up. We’re talking about Viewbix – a new way to make your video clips more than interactive. It lets the viewer actively take the next steps that will help you, the video creator, or the subject of your video. Check out this promo clip for Gladys Karina Sandino, if you decide you want something similar, guess where you would click?

We plan on using Viewbix for all our online video production projects, and we are working on “pimping up” more of our past productions with great results.

Video creation becomes easiear and easier these days. Many online tools enable just about everyone to upload a few video clips, pictures, throw in a few tag lines and off they go. eBiz Miami has not shied away from those services in the past. We occasionally use Animoto and the like if we want to turn around a video creation project that does not require too many tweaks. However, knowing the ins and outs of video production is paramount, no matter if you take the easy route, or use more sophisticated programs, such as Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Internet Marketing Update: Primer Complete?

Internet Marketing Primer

Learning Internet Marketing basics:

Primer: a short informative piece of writing (Mirriam Webster Dictionary).

Well, informative, yes, but short? All things considered, covering as many “basic” things as possible about internet marketing is no easy task. It goes without saying you can’t cover them all. But how do you chose the most important? How do you make sense of the mumbo jumbo, for the neofite, as well as for the iniated? SEO, CMS, PPC, PPM, Adwords, Adsense, ROI… Unkown language to some, familiar to others… Not an easy task, bringing an internet marketing update to the attention of as many interested people as possible.

The topic sits at the croassroads of at least four major fields: technology, advertising, communication, business. Make it easy enough for beginners, yet squeeze enough new stuff in it for the initiates. You end up with ths:

Internet Marketing Primer. With the ammendment, of course, that our newsletter, regular web and facebook updates will always give you more. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

Oh, and fi that’s not enough, there is always the Newsletter, along with our Facebook updates!

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