June, 2013

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Internet Marketing Update: Primer Complete?

Internet Marketing Primer

Learning Internet Marketing basics:

Primer: a short informative piece of writing (Mirriam Webster Dictionary).

Well, informative, yes, but short? All things considered, covering as many “basic” things as possible about internet marketing is no easy task. It goes without saying you can’t cover them all. But how do you chose the most important? How do you make sense of the mumbo jumbo, for the neofite, as well as for the iniated? SEO, CMS, PPC, PPM, Adwords, Adsense, ROI… Unkown language to some, familiar to others… Not an easy task, bringing an internet marketing update to the attention of as many interested people as possible.

The topic sits at the croassroads of at least four major fields: technology, advertising, communication, business. Make it easy enough for beginners, yet squeeze enough new stuff in it for the initiates. You end up with ths:

Internet Marketing Primer. With the ammendment, of course, that our newsletter, regular web and facebook updates will always give you more. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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