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Consistently Ranking Among the First Five in Search Engine Results

MT Projects Controls Corp.

MT Projects Controls Corp.

We want to express our satisfaction with your services, as we are starting to see real results from your company’s efforts. The redesign of our web site, complete with the new logo, is showing a much needed and improved corporate identity for our company. Mr. Nelersa’s efforts in elevating our search engine ranking are starting to show the results we desired. For the keywords we established, our company is consistently ranking among the first five in search results on all the major search engines: Yahoo, Bing, Google. We are starting to get inquiries about our services and we look forward to starting to run our first campaigns, that are sure to bring us the most qualified leads and subsequent contracts.

We are very pleased with Mr. Nelersa’s expertise in presenting our company in a very appealing manner on the web. We are especially thrilled to see that the recommendations he had made are coming true, pertaining to the right way of planning and designing the web site with a winning SEO strategy in mind.

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