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Digitizing Photos/Videos

eBiz Miami, Inc. has acquired DittoBee Photo Scanning – a Miami, FL business that has been offering quality scanning and digitizing services throughout the entire US for a decade. DITTOBEE.COM will satisfy all your digitizing needs! Rekindle your family memories and share them with your loved ones on any device they own!

Internet Services

A multitude of skills are necessary these days in order to create a successful internet presence. For the local small businesses and not only, eBiz Miami online services include but are not limited to:

Internet Marketing

Only having your web site is less than half the work. It’s like having a pile of brochures forgotten in a corner. They can be the most great looking brochures, if nobody sees them, they are useless. Through our Internet Marketing services you have taken the first step: your web site will be optimized to best reflect your business and be consistently found in an organic fashion at the top of search engine listings.

We bring your message to clients and prospects online. Powerful words make for a powerful impression. Powerful visuals make that impression last. Consistent and repeated combinations of the two into online marketing campaigns will keep your business front and center and one step ahead of the competition.

You will gain visibility through appropriate listings in the major search engines and web directories. You will maintain it and increase it through social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You will foster client loyalty and relationships through email marketing, feedback and online customer service. You will see your bottom line increase.

Photography, Video Production

Go beyond stock photography or footage, present your real self (company, products, employees, clients) to the world. We turn your existing marketing materials into visual presentations for print, TV, or the Web. Most importantly, we can create new and powerful ones by shooting photo and video on location. We also do aerial photography (FAA certified). Check out our photography web site, Brickell Photography, for the latest details, pricing and session bookings.


Just getting started? Don’t know quite where and how your internet online will benefit your business? Overwhelmed by the complexity of an increasingly diversified technological landscape? Looking for a revival of your online strategy for success? No matter how simple or complex your questions are, eBiz Miami will give you the answers that will always point you in the right direction. We will sit down with you, conference by phone or video, chat or email, your choice. No matter at what step in the process you require our assistance, our consulting sessions will bring the most practical result: a fully customized plan with thoroughly laid out goals, deadlines, resources and procedures that you can easily follow to completion, specific to your industry, and unique to your particular company and circumstances.

Advertising, Corporate Image, Branding

The stepping stone of building a durable and impactful image for your business. Whether it be your logo, brochure, catalog, posters,  or anything in between, eBiz Miami will guarantee an impact on your audience. We create successful corporate images, product brandingFrom scratch or just enhancing your existing corporate image, our graphic design and web design experience will always make your business shine. Technical expertise is also at your service, wether your web site is a simple one, a blog, or a fully shopping cart integrated one. As long as you keep in mind that this is only the first step towards your ongoing online presence, and follow it through with the appropriate advertising/marketing techniques, online or off line, you will be guaranteed to have people interested in your business and become your clients.

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