Going LIVE: August 10th, 2009

Most of the “bugs” have been worked out, the many versions through which the web site has been going, have finally morphed into ONE. The day of its “unveiling” is near. The official “opening date” of www.ebizmiami.com is AUGUST 10th, 2009. Lots of goodies and freebies, stay tuned and sign up for the newsletters!

I am still taking testimonials! Friends and clients, when it will be up, the new web site won’t have a happy face without your happy coments! What better way to show that “Sorin’s Way” works and eBiz Miami will be a viable option for future clients? Please answer my first “call to action”, the original email I sent out a couple of weeks ago. I posted it on the blog, hopefully that will make it easier to answer.

2 Comments to Going LIVE: August 10th, 2009

  1. sorinelu says:

    Countdown starting: 5 days remaining…

  2. sorinelu says:

    Well, it was “just a few short hours” late, but about 40 hours of continuous work to bring it to life! Deadlines rock! But now I really gotta’ go to bed!

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