Online Profits – One, Two, Three!

Online Profits

Your web site is a useless expense if it doesn’t add to the bottom line. Gone are the days when you had a web site “just because everybody else has one.” If you are a for profit business, your web site should be aimed at one thing only: SELLING.

Online Profits

Online Profits

It is as “simple” as One, Two, Three to make your business profitable online, but you need to have these three basic things covered at all times:

  1. Sell Online.

    No matter what your business is, you’re selling something. Professional services, physical products, consulting, anything. You provide them, people pay for them. Online, this is done through a shopping cart. Your web site needs one. Once you have it, there will be more channels and ways to expand the reach of your business, but if you don’t build your web site with WHAT YOU SELL and HOW MUCH YOU SELL IT FOR at its core, you are wasting your time.

  2. Bring Customers to Your Online Store.

    This is where advertising your business, online and off line, comes into place. Once your selling system is in place, you go out looking for clients. This is done through a slew of methods, from advertising in your local market through traditional media, to advertising online to a worldwide audience. The beauty of advertising online is that, when done right, after a while it starts bringing you customers without you going out to find them. Which brings us to:

  3. Keep Them Coming Back. Bring More Customers

    This is where all those technical-sounding acronyms and expressions work their magic: PPC, CPC, CPM, social media, SEO, conversions, e-Campaigns, organic search, email blasts, drip campaigns, squeeze pages, and so many more. This is where you put your web site on autopilot, by implementing instruments and techniques that will keep you in constant touch with your existing customers, and constantly bringing in new ones.

All these magic words are part of what purportedly can bring a business to the pinnacle of success in the cyber age. What do they mean? How do they work? Read our Internet Marketing Primer.

Our FAQ section will also give you some basic answers. But what’s more, your partnership with eBiz Miami will put them all to work for you. We will show you exactly what they could mean to you, and how, when used properly, they inevitably lead to increasing your bottom line.

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