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Digitizing Photos/Videos

Miami Photo Scanning and Video Digitizing since 2009

eBiz Miami, Inc. has acquired DittoBee Photo Scanning – a Miami, FL business that has been offering quality scanning and digitizing services throughout the entire US for a decade. DITTOBEE.COM will satisfy all your digitizing needs! Rekindle your family memories and share them with your loved ones on any device they own!

Aerial Photography

Photography has been an integral part of our host of services. Business portraits, landscape and real estate photography, instructional videos, product presentations and now, proudly announcing the latest trend: aerial photography. Through our Brickell Photography web site, we are now able to offer our clients drone photography services. Before you choose your next aerial photography partner, make sure they are FAA certified and approved. We are. For more details and session bookings, go to Brickell Photography

No, Macs Are Not Immune!

You’ve known it for a while, and this latest bit of “horrendous news” doesn’t even have to do with the eternal “PC vs. Mac” battle: yes, Macs are also vulnerable to security breaches, albeit in a much smaller proportion than other platforms and, no, it’s not because of their smaller market share. However, this not being the point of this note, we invite you to please read the comprehensive report on the latest and scariest Mac scare. As always, there’s a fix, and please make it the point of reading this to establish if your own Mac has been affected and implement the counter-measures right away. The full article HERE

Ladies First: Real Estate Agent Promotional Video

Chita Parus, Realtor

We are expanding our video services into the real estate world. We didn’t plan it like this, but as it happened, we couldn’t have hoped for a most presentable – well, why don’t we say it right: attractive, real estate agent to start using our services.

Chita Parus is a most dedicated, hard working Realtor®, with Charles Rutenberg Realty brokerage. She does everything with a smile. We tried to capture all these qualities in her first real estate agent promotional video, and presented just with the right dash of humor. She worked hard for this video, no wait! We worked hard for the video, but she surely worked hard for the listing depicted here, which she just sold, for $1,100,000 in one of the nicest areas of Fort Lauderdale. See more about Chita and her listings at her web site.

Be the next real estate agent to benefit from a promo video clip that will help sell your listing and promote your professional image!

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