Number One in SEO for Miami

SEO Results - the right way

SEO Results – the right way (“White Hat”)

OK, a quick check on search results for the keywords that describe our company and its services, found eBiz Miami ranking FIRST in SEO results for “miami online presence” in Google search (third in Bing and Yahoo). Also, typing in “Miami internet marketing results guaranteed” (our slogan) will show eBiz Miami, Inc. as the first UNPAID search result in Google, second in Bing, and covering third, fourth and fifth position in Yahoo.

Truly, being a little bit more devoted to behind the doors inner workings on clients’ web sites, project management and IT infrastructure, we will have to acknowledge that our own SEO efforts were kept to a minimum (e.g., just checking periodically the search engine results), nothing active, no advertising, no PR. It seems, as of right now, braggging rights for practicing what we preach will be in order.

Again, as we tell all our clients, SEO alone won’t get you far, but it sure is a stepping stone in online presence for any company on the internet today. Followed by good, down to earth internet marketing practices (email marketing, content management, interactive techniques, etc.), your company will always see guaranteed results from your investment in your online presence.

Of course, the obligatory disclaimer follows: results in ANY position on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are never guaranteed. Our ranking is as shown today, and we did all the right things to earn it. But search engine results always fluctuate, depending on many factors. The first one is always that particular search engine’s algorithm for indexing and displaying web sites. Then comes, obligatory, the quality of content of the web site, followed by the correct registration with online directories, the number of inbound links, proper keywords and descriptions, etc…

eBiz Miami, Inc. does not practice or advocate “black hat SEO”, which is a technique touted as “marketing method” by some self-proclaimed SEO experts. That involves, in the FIRST PLACE, breaking the search engines’ rules of using “organic” ways of boosting a web site’s ranking (some listed above, coupled with good choice of keywords, meta tags, etc.). Black hat techniques involve keyword stuffing, keyword masking (or invisible text), artificial inbound linking, etc. These techniques will actually work, albeit for a short time, after which the reputation of your web site will be damned for a very long time. Afterwards it will be very difficult to have your site ranked higher, when you finally start using “white hat” techniques. More about this, HERE

4 Comments to Number One in SEO for Miami

  1. George Netu says:

    Well, Black Hat SEO is just cooler than White Hat. Let’s face it, being a bank robber is perceived as cooler than being a bank manager.

    There is a certain amount of personal satisfaction in finding the next cool trick to manipulate your way to success, and nothing that I say or do is going to change wider opinions on that; it’s just human nature.

    I would argue though, that for 99.99% of black hats there is a much lower ceiling of earnings compared to having a roster of blue chip clients.

    My advice? If you are a serious person and you want to build an empire with your own hands use pure SEO. It won’t hurt, it’s just going to take a little more time than using the alternatives.

  2. Sorin Nelersa says:

    No amount of SEO, black, white or any other color, will build you an empire. This is just one of the many online tools that a business can use in order to announce their presence to the world. The tools are only as good as the company itself, or, more often than not, as the “professional” using those tools on behalf of that company. As for black hat being “cooler”, for each inventive and resourceful Bonnie and Clyde out there, there are thousands of their kind who are rotting in jails. And, if I’m not mistaking, even those two didn’t end up well.

  3. Sorin says:

    Awesome news update: keywords search without geographic localization show eBiz Miami on the first page of Google results for “online presence guaranteed” (2nd place), and “internet marketing results” (7th place). Our Alexa ranking in the US is short of 100,000, which is not too bad, considering there are tens of millions of web sites in the US alone. We’ll keep you posted as our ranking increases.

  4. Sorin says:


    In the past half a year, our web site has been ranking on the 1st place consistently, on all three main search engines: google, yahoo, bing – for “miami online presence”

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