On its Head

This is the trouble with the “creative” types. After trumpeting the “official opening” of the web site for today, Monday August the 10th, I found myself working feverishly to finish the project and meet my self-imposed deadline. Well, it’s six o’clock in the morning and I’m still “finishing” it.  I “tweaked” things “here and there” and… I ended up with a completely new web site! I turned the whole thing on its head, from graphic concept to structure! Sure, the “flesh” (i.e., the content) remained pretty much the same, but the “bones” (the structure, the way all the composing blocks tie in together) and the “clothing” (the graphic line) are now totally new. Go figure! Tired, but happy, I am congratulating myself for coming up with a deadline. Perfectionist as I am, I would have kept on “modifying” the whole thing ’till the cows  came home or found another place to go 🙂 Of course, this is something that “never” happens under a contract with you, the client!

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