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A Lesson in Instant SEO Results: The Case of

For years I’ve been touting the virtues of implementing new business sites on the WordPress platform. I’ve been encouraging my clients to choose WordPress because of its two main characteristics: Easy to update, no programming skills necessary. Upon delivering your web site, I give you a basic lesson in how to operate the “back door” workings of your web site,Read the rest of this page »

Cook American Apples

Apple has decided to bring back home some of its manufacturing, starting in 2013. CEO Tim Cook announced, in an interview with NBc’s Brian Williams, that starting with 2013, Apple will bring some of the manufacturing to the US. “Next year, we will do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States.” While he did not specify whichRead the rest of this page »

Holiday Specials: Partners in Deed…, our long-time partner in online transaction processing, is waiving the $99.00 set up fee when you sign up for an account until the end of the year. You can only do this through an reseller. eBiz Miami, Inc. is one of them. The customers will still see the $99 setup fee when they activate their account, thisRead the rest of this page »

When They Shop but Don’t Check Out

Abandoned shopping carts are the biggest problem of any online business that takes itself seriously. eBiz Miami always encourages clients to look at their online shopping cart usage. We send regular reports, always showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly. As Web Site Magazine once again brings to our attention, the “bad” will always happen: for one reason orRead the rest of this page »

E-Commerce? How Much Do You Pay Before You Get Paid?

So, you plan on starting to make money by selling online. Beware! Web Site Magazine published the findings of an interesting new study, about the hidden costs of e-commerce platforms. The study was commissioned by Demandware and carried out by Forrester Consulting, on 156 US, UK and German eCommerce, Marketing and IT technology leaders. What does it say? Well, basicallyRead the rest of this page »

Is Your Web Site Making You Money?

Your web site is a useless expense if it doesn’t: Sell your products/services directly through a shopping cart. Bring in new clients or keep the old ones coming back. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want your web site to be the equivalent of a stack of brochures (or business cards) forgotten in a corner, you need toRead the rest of this page »

Security 101: Your Password Sucks

Preaching the same mantra wherever you go might get a little old after a while. Those who know and believe in your expertise tend to move your constant advice and alerts somewhere in the category of nagging background noise while they go back to their old habits. Then there are those who don’t believe in your expertise to begin with,Read the rest of this page »

The Personable and Lovely “Real World” Networking

Even if your specialty is internet marketing, it doesn’t mean that you should stay encased only in the “virtual world”. After all, the people in that world are as real as they come. So, going out in the “real world” to meet them, definitely has its benefits. And networking cannot possibly get any more real than the poised yet alluringRead the rest of this page »

And the winner is…

What do you do when you have a booth at a business expo and need to attract attention to your services? Why, offer a promotion that is worth looking into, of course. And what better promotion than real value at a real discount? As Cat Zohar – one of our most recent partners (also met at the Expo) would putRead the rest of this page »

My Popularity as an Artist Is Growing

The design and creation of my new website has given me a great opportunity to open new doors with my art. I now fully understand the importance to have a well-designed website in this technological 21st century. My art has gained much more visibility and my popularity as an artist is growing. Single women react impressed when hearing and seeingRead the rest of this page »

Business Expo – Doral Chamber of Commerce

eBiz Miami President, Sorin Nelersa, at Doral Chamber of Commerce Business Expo Delighted to announce eBiz Miami’s participation to Doral Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. While the attendance was somewhat lackluster, the networking opportunities were still there, and eBiz Miami had the opportunity to present its expertise in front of other businesses and potential interested parties. We got a fewRead the rest of this page »

Plan, Set Deadlines. It Works!

Writing things down and setting deadlines are the keys to success. The beginning of the year brought us the first prospect for a serious e-Marketing project. Proudly we announce that yesterday the contract was signed and the work has been already under way since the negotiation phase. We look forward to a fulfilling partnership with our new client: Expert Subjects,Read the rest of this page »

Plan for an online presence in advance. It's only a matter of time until you will need to find customers beyond your neighborhood. eBiz Miami, Inc., was founded by a mass communications professional, with advertising work awarded by AAF (American Advertising Federation). The advantage of having started in the mass communications field allows our clients to start their online presence the right way as well, by getting the right messages to the right target audience with the most impact.
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