Do It Right the First Time

Going LIVE: August 10th, 2009

Most of the “bugs” have been worked out, the many versions through which the web site has been going, have finally morphed into ONE. The day of its “unveiling” is near. The official “opening date” of is AUGUST 10th, 2009. Lots of goodies and freebies, stay tuned and sign up for the newsletters! I am still taking testimonials! FriendsRead the rest of this page »

eBiz Miami’s first “Call to Action”

Hello everybody, This is an important call for support to all those who had a chance to benefit from my professional help and services. I am in the process of finalizing my own web site (yeah, finally). Just remember: This will soon be your source of good information about computer safety, network and internet security, web sites and internetRead the rest of this page »

Everybody Knows Miami. Do they know you?

This is it. eBiz Miami is officially blogging. About what? About the birth and growth of a new technologically savvy start-up business, its purpose and its role in a “hot” place like Miami. In a time of economic uncertainty, why do this? Businesses seem to appear like mushrooms after a rainy day, but dissapear quicker than you can say, well,Read the rest of this page »

Plan for an online presence in advance. It's only a matter of time until you will need to find customers beyond your neighborhood. eBiz Miami, Inc., was founded by a mass communications professional, with advertising work awarded by AAF (American Advertising Federation). The advantage of having started in the mass communications field allows our clients to start their online presence the right way as well, by getting the right messages to the right target audience with the most impact.
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