The Personable and Lovely “Real World” Networking

Cat Zohar, Network Sensei

Cat Zohar, Network Sensei

Even if your specialty is internet marketing, it doesn’t mean that you should stay encased only in the “virtual world”. After all, the people in that world are as real as they come. So, going out in the “real world” to meet them, definitely has its benefits. And networking cannot possibly get any more real than the poised yet alluring presence of Cat Zohar, business networking expert extraordinaire. And when you bill yourself as a Network Sensei, charisma and ease of communication sure come in handy. Is it any surprise then, that, after a brief, yet intense exchange of emails following the introduction at the Doral Chamber of Commerce, the two universes (virtual and real) have found an intersecting point?

In her own words, Cat Zohar “doesn’t do virtual”, her work is exclusively here on the planet, in the real world, she’s a “face-to-face” person and she excels at that. Part of her trade is putting together seminars for small business owners where she teaches them how to focus on people and customer service in order to attract new customers and keep them coming back. But wait! Isn’t this the exact scope of our own expertise here at eBiz Miami? The main focus of our efforts on behalf of our clients is to bring them new clients and keep them (and the existing ones) coming back to their doors. The purpose is the same, the tools are different. The result? At the upcoming seminar of the all so personable Network Sensei, there will be a guest speaker, talking exactly about those tools and how they can complement the face-to-face communications of the “front liners” (employees who come in direct contact with the public). The guest speaker, of course, yours truly, Sorin Nelersa of eBiz Miami, Inc. Stay tuned for the details on this exciting event!

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