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If this will make our visitors as happy as it made me, we got a future! I just added a “related content” feature to three of eBiz Miami’s pages. It wasn’t as easy, because all kinds of off-topic articles kept appearing, until the keywords and the way of displaying the “rich content” were tweaked to the max. You know it’s something good when you realize that even you, the owner of an already “rich content” web site could learn a thing or two. It’s a joy to see quick industry updates streaming live right on the pages of your own web site, increasing its usefulness with titles like: “Email Marketing Success Story: How a Local Business Aces Recession with Email Newsletter“, “Leveraging Facebook for Business“, “Brand Management: The Most Important Tasks“.

What is “related content widget”? Simply put, it’s a syndicated stream of text or video, fed to your web site from different sources (blogs, news posts, industry publications) through a little “applet” (Java Script), on topics of your choosing. It’s just another great example of technology hard at work to your own benefit in the “information age”. The feeds of information are selected from reliable sources, such as trade journals, specialized portals, professional blogs etc. This way you are sure to get great quality and fresh content that will keep visitors coming back to your web site. I recommend it to my clients wholeheartedly!

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