Simply put, eBiz Miami will make you money

Erwin Gonzalez - Owner, Picola Italia Miami

Erwin Gonzalez – Owner, Picola Italia Miami

“eBiz Miami is largely responsible for our increase in sales! I won’t lie, I was a skeptic at the beginning. My knowledge of internet is so limited and I could not see the advantages of such an investment. But Sorin explained it in very simple terms and I got it. eBiz Miami has been doing our Internet Marketing this whole year. We couldn’t have asked for better help in such hard trying economic times. Sorin’s creative ways are bringing visitors to our web site every day. He just finished our first Youtube video spots and they are great! Our on-line presence is at its highest level ever. The biggest surprise came the day I realized that our orders system had gathered around 2,500 new telephone numbers that were not there when the campaign started. People always loved our pizzas. But now we’re selling them like never before. Simply put, eBiz Miami will make you money!”

Erwin Gonzalez, Piccola Italia Miami

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