Gladys Karina Sandino

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Sometimes Glamorous Doesn’t Begin to Describe It

Gladys Karina Sandino

Gladys Karina Sandino – Glamour, Talent, Charisma

Yes, it’s not quite a breeze, chosing a way to showcase beauty, talent and charisma in the shortest, sweetest manner a web site could express. Yet, with the help of a new “partner in crime”, you can pull it off.

Showing only the glamorous side of Gladys Karina Sandino – model, actress and TV-show host, would not do her  justice. So, thanks to, an exquisite and exclusively Flash-based web building platform, you find the perfect framework for such a web site, customize it to show the many, many facets of such an multi-talented person as Gladys, mix and match portfolio materials into promotional video clips that show her lively personality in the best of lights and… voilĂ ! A new web site is born, for a rising star in the latin enterntainment industry! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! Feel free to comment.


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