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A Lesson in Instant SEO Results: The Case of Romanianlink.net

For years I’ve been touting the virtues of implementing new business sites on the WordPress platform. I’ve been encouraging my clients to choose WordPress because of its two main characteristics:

  1. Easy to update, no programming skills necessary. Upon delivering your web site, I give you a basic lesson in how to operate the “back door” workings of your web site, you either do it yourself or assign someone in the company to do it and start reaping the benefits of a simple, yet efficient CMS-based (Content Management System) internet tool that will bring notable additions to your bottom line
  2. Search engines give priority to content that comes in the form of news. While this is the major scare for decision makers in companies who are looking into getting their first web site, having regular content added to your web site isn’t as difficult as it seems, and it doesn’t have to be daily. The payoff, however, is a visible increase in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) impact.

Case in point: Romanian Link. A web site many years in the making, it is one of the independent initiatives of eBiz Miami, Inc. It is a portal destined to promote and collect positive news about Romania and its rich culture, as well as the talent, resourcefulness, dedication and achievments of Romanians, be it within the borders of their country or abroad.  It is not the time and place to discuss more details here, suffice it to say that, two days after its official launch, Romanianlink.net is already on the third position on Google search listings for the “romanian link.” keywords.

How was that possible? The search engines take weeks, sometimes more than a month, to properly index a web site. To be sure, we didn’t even submit it for indexing, yet, and the web site didn’t come up in the result as such. However, the NEWS contained within the web site did. More precisely, the latest posting, which was, in fact, a photo gallery of pictures submitted by one of the contributors to the web site, showcasing the beauty of over 100 places in Romania, natural as well as architectural (see post HERE).

This only goes to show that practicing what you preach pays off and here’s hope that future clients will take heed to our advice without reservation in the future. WordPress is not the only platform that can be used for this purpose, but it is by far the most popular and most flexible when it comes to implementation. If you have a more complex enterprise-based project to bring online, platforms like Joomla, Drupal and Concret5 are viable options, albeit for more heavily CMS based projects.

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