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We have no control over what others will say about us. But we could bring you, from time to time, what they have been saying, through the years, about our services and the way we were able to help move their businesses to the “next level”: in the online universe.


Consistently Ranking Among the First Five in Search Engine Results

MT Projects Controls Corp.

MT Projects Controls Corp.

We want to express our satisfaction with your services, as we are starting to see real results from your company’s efforts. The redesign of our web site, complete with the new logo, is showing a much needed and improved corporate identity for our company. Mr. Nelersa’s efforts in elevating our search engine ranking are starting to show the results we desired. For the keywords we established, our company is consistently ranking among the first five in search results on all the major search engines: Yahoo, Bing, Google. We are starting to get inquiries about our services and we look forward to starting to run our first campaigns, that are sure to bring us the most qualified leads and subsequent contracts.

We are very pleased with Mr. Nelersa’s expertise in presenting our company in a very appealing manner on the web. We are especially thrilled to see that the recommendations he had made are coming true, pertaining to the right way of planning and designing the web site with a winning SEO strategy in mind.

Success, Creativity and Communication Expertise

Leslie Snyder, PA

Leslie Snyder, PA

eBiz Miami, Inc. provides technological expertise to my law office. Sorin helped streamline our operations involving use of computers, scanners and printers, and different types of software. He also trained my employees on better use of the appointment and office software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and the like.

We recently started to turn my paper archive into a digital one, and he Sorin is finishing our brand new web site that, along with a detailed internet marketing plan, will make my own expertise and services in Immigration Law more popular throughout the entire US.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Sorin Nelersa as a reliable, dedicated and capable professional, able to contribute to the success of any company through the use of technology, creativity and communication expertise.

My Popularity as an Artist Is Growing

Sergio "El Toro" Torres Painter, Model, Actor

Sergio “El Toro” Torres
Painter, Model, Actor

The design and creation of my new website has given me a great opportunity to open new doors with my art. I now fully understand the importance to have a well-designed website in this technological 21st century.

My art has gained much more visibility and my popularity as an artist is growing. Single women react impressed when hearing and seeing the website…I love my new website.

Simply put, eBiz Miami will make you money

Erwin Gonzalez - Owner, Picola Italia Miami

Erwin Gonzalez – Owner, Picola Italia Miami

“eBiz Miami is largely responsible for our increase in sales! I won’t lie, I was a skeptic at the beginning. My knowledge of internet is so limited and I could not see the advantages of such an investment. But Sorin explained it in very simple terms and I got it. eBiz Miami has been doing our Internet Marketing this whole year. We couldn’t have asked for better help in such hard trying economic times. Sorin’s creative ways are bringing visitors to our web site every day. He just finished our first Youtube video spots and they are great! Our on-line presence is at its highest level ever. The biggest surprise came the day I realized that our orders system had gathered around 2,500 new telephone numbers that were not there when the campaign started. People always loved our pizzas. But now we’re selling them like never before. Simply put, eBiz Miami will make you money!”

Erwin Gonzalez, Piccola Italia Miami

Always Coming Through with Innovative Ideas


Wendy Bello – President
Source One Real Estate

Thank you Sorin! for always coming through with your innovative ideas. As a Vice-President at Alles, Inc., it was so much fun working with you on our last Company’s catalog. Your creativity and knowledge really turned our marketing efforts around!


When I opened my own Real Estate office, there was only 1 person I knew to call for my website: ”Sorin Nelersa”. I’m glad that I did. I know that your new enterprise, eBiz Miami will bring you the success you deserve, helping business owners like me look sharp and function on the internet!

Our goal was to achieve a website that presented BitchFire’s image in the same fashion as our live shows and Sorin did exactly that

Bart Savage

Bart Savage – “Bitchfire” Manager

As a very popular Florida Original Band, we were approached by numerous website designers wanting to develop the look and feel of our website and associate themselves with the band. Most of them had their own ideas about how it should look and didn’t take much time to get to know our band, image or music. Sorin actually came out to our CD Release party and took an interest in not only our music but also our style. He developed a complete website with that “edgy” Classic Rock look we were looking for. The content was well presented and logically organized. He combined our graphics/picture with a background concept he created from scratch. Our goal was to achieve a website that presented BitchFire’s image in the same fashion as our live shows and Sorin did exactly that. We couldn’t be happier with his work and plan on using him exclusively going forward.

Bart Savage, Bitchfire Manager

You can make anybody look like a rock star!

Sharyn Peach

Sharyn Peach, “Bitchfire” Lead Singer

I love it Sorin!! You’ve done a fantastic job! Let’s see if it passes the Bitch test of Bart! ha ha! Because Bart’s the manager and uses better words than I do….c’mon…you’ve heard my lyrics!!! but I think you did a FANTASTIC job! It’s beautiful and I love it!!!! You can make anyone look like a rock star!!!!

Sharyn Peach, Bitchfire Lead Singer

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