This Could Work for You: A New Subscriber

My newsletter system is configured such that it sends me an email every time a new person subscribes or unsubscribes to any of the email lists. Today I checked the list membership directly on the admin side of the system. Surprise! A new subscriber, completely unknown to me (not a friend, current or former client), signed up yesterday for all three newsletters! My email hadn’t alerted me to that. I gotta’ fix the “bug”. I’m glad I had this on my checklist before the “grand opening” of the web site on Monday.

But I got “tickled.” It’s good to see that my knowledge and efforts in “cooperative marketing” are starting to work for myself 🙂 My new subscriber came from the Piccola Italia subscriber base, as I just sent out their “Weekly e-Special” yesterday. Besides the low-priced special offer (yesterday it was Rotini Bolognese, yummy!), I announced to the subscribers the introduction on Youtube of the first two video spots for Piccola Italia. I took the opportunity to mention that was the creator of the two spots, and I added the clickable link to the newsletter. I also added to the “weekly sponsor” corner. Why am I so excited? After all, I knew it was possible, I’d done it before, it works, tried and true! I guess I’m getting giddy to  see all my “skills” and “creativity” starting to pay off for my own business. My philosophy of “practice what you preach” is getting its first attestation. I oughta’ give a reward to my first “outside subscriber.” To many more!

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