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The Personable and Lovely “Real World” Networking

Cat Zohar, Network Sensei

Cat Zohar, Network Sensei

Even if your specialty is internet marketing, it doesn’t mean that you should stay encased only in the “virtual world”. After all, the people in that world are as real as they come. So, going out in the “real world” to meet them, definitely has its benefits. And networking cannot possibly get any more real than the poised yet alluring presence of Cat Zohar, business networking expert extraordinaire. And when you bill yourself as a Network Sensei, charisma and ease of communication sure come in handy. Is it any surprise then, that, after a brief, yet intense exchange of emails following the introduction at the Doral Chamber of Commerce, the two universes (virtual and real) have found an intersecting point?

In her own words, Cat Zohar “doesn’t do virtual”, her work is exclusively here on the planet, in the real world, she’s a “face-to-face” person and she excels at that. Part of her trade is putting together seminars for small business owners where she teaches them how to focus on people and customer service in order to attract new customers and keep them coming back. But wait! Isn’t this the exact scope of our own expertise here at eBiz Miami? The main focus of our efforts on behalf of our clients is to bring them new clients and keep them (and the existing ones) coming back to their doors. The purpose is the same, the tools are different. The result? At the upcoming seminar of the all so personable Network Sensei, there will be a guest speaker, talking exactly about those tools and how they can complement the face-to-face communications of the “front liners” (employees who come in direct contact with the public). The guest speaker, of course, yours truly, Sorin Nelersa of eBiz Miami, Inc. Stay tuned for the details on this exciting event!

And the winner is…

Sultan Stone

Sultan Stone, our latest winner.

What do you do when you have a booth at a business expo and need to attract attention to your services? Why, offer a promotion that is worth looking into, of course. And what better promotion than real value at a real discount? As Cat Zohar – one of our most recent partners (also met at the Expo) would put it, we live in an era of “extreme discount”, so if you don’t play the game, you lose. And what better discount, than a free offer. We are happy to announceĀ  the winner:

Sultan Stone, of Miami. An importer of natural stones from Europe, we will work closely with Sultan Stone to ensure the development of their web site and e-marketing success. And of course, we will report on the progress.

Business Expo – Doral Chamber of Commerce

eBiz Miami at Doral Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
eBiz Miami President, Sorin Nelersa, at Doral Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Delighted to announce eBiz Miami’s participation to Doral Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. While the attendance was somewhat lackluster, the networking opportunities were still there, and eBiz Miami had the opportunity to present its expertise in front of other businesses and potential interested parties. We got a few more subscribers to our newsletters and, pending confirmation, we are happy to announce this year’s winner of the Complete Package (Web Site and eMarketing Package). All in all, a good experience that will hopefully show more benefits down the line.

Plan, Set Deadlines. It Works!

Writing things down and setting deadlines are the keys to success. The beginning of the year brought us the first prospect for a serious e-Marketing project. Proudly we announce that yesterday the contract was signed and the work has been already under way since the negotiation phase. We look forward to a fulfilling partnership with our new client: Expert Subjects, LLC.

Also, an effort to congratulate ourselves for, that has to do with setting deadlines as well. Signing up with Google Apps announces itself to be a winning move. Thanks to that, eBiz Miami Inc. has now streamlined and perfectly integrated Contacts, Email and Calendar, a well developed CRM solution and a robust accounting platform, not to mention a great project management application. Try getting that with Microsoft Outlook, CRM and Windows Server for only $50.00. Another feat that would have dragged on for who knows how long, had we not have set (and respected) the mighty DEADLINE for ourselves!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each and all, friends, clients (existing and potential). This year we will have a much better one, after the dangling and uncertainty from 2010, the decision is made to focus on increasing customer base as well as customer satisfaction at all costs! Steps and an action plan needed will be implemented by the middle of the month!

To the Winner Go the Spoils

Our “Full Package” winner is showing a new face to the virtual world! Yes, “European Flooring, Inc.” of Delray Beach, FL has the web site up and running and is ready for Phase 2: eMarketing. Look forward to seeing them in the eBiz Miami Network soon!

Value Added

A new partnership with VOIPO enables us to provide our clients with top quality . If you are looking to save money (in a big way)on residential or business phone services, a robust and durable Voice-Over-IP solution is now available to you.

A Happy New Year

Happy and prosperous new year 2010 to all our friends! Remember, you can make it “bigger and better” in terms of customer relations, sales and, ultimately, profits with a well designed and carried out marketing plan. eBiz Miami is here to stay, we’ll be your trusty partner all the way! šŸ™‚

Best News Yet!

What can be better than FREE pizza from your best client on your birthday? Witnessing how your expertise nearly doubled their sales! Yes, Piccola Italia of Miami is now officially the flag bearer for eBiz Miami’s results-oriented eMarketing solutions! While training them on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) side of their merchant software, the acheivement jumped at us from the yearly sales reports: with a very narrow margin, the figure almost doubled! And the year is not over yet! Needless to say, we got ourselves a most happy customer, and the best reason to date to take pride in our work!

Thanksgivng, More than Free Pizza

The second Free Catering package of our Piccola Italia client went out to My Gym of Coral Gables. As their marketing partner, eBiz Miami was on site to take the pictures and film the fun-filled event. Video clips are in the making.

Click-click, Smile, Pose, Get Free Pizza!

Successful “photo shoot” at a customer’s party. Piccola Italia proves that it’s not all gimmicks when it comes to valuable promotions. The first Free Catering package went out to their customer, A.J. Velasquez, who throw a big party and had the pizzas, the wings and the sodas provided for free. eBiz Miami was on location to shoot the event. Click-click, roll the “film”, in half hour everybody had what they expected: the guests had a delicious assortment of made from scratch pizzas (the kids were the happiest), Erwin from Piccola Italia had the chance to see with his own eyes a bunch of happy customers, eBiz Miami (Sorin) has a new project ready to start: the next promotional video clip for Piccola Italia. Moving on!

The happy event is recorded at the client’s web site, where you (if you’re in Miami) can subscribe to the weekly email specials in order to enjoy lots of low-down prices on many delicious items and, of course, a chance of getting the weekly FREE PIZZA!


1,500 New Customers?

Piccola Italia, increasing customer base with eBiz Miami marketing efforts

Piccola Italia, increasing customer base with eBiz Miami marketing efforts

“I looked at my database today, and I saw 1500 more customers than the last time I checked it. I have no idea where they came from, I didn’t do anything special to bring them in.” – Erwin Gonzalez, Piccola Italia Pizzeria.

Oh, but you did! Better said, we did it, together! One of the first things we show potential clients is how marketing in general can increase their bottom line and how eMarketing in particular does it so effectively. In this “first lesson” you learn that the main two ways that successful marketing operates are: 1. Direct Sales. 2. Brand Awareness. Our client was already used to seeing results from the first point. Now they are just shocked to see it work so well (measurable results!) on the second one.

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